OpenPOS - Color & Size Retail Solution

POS Square is one of the Singapore foremost POS Peripherals Companies in providing Quality Industry Standard products and services.

Retail Industry

Need to improve customer services? Looking for an affordable and compatible solution? Wish for a better inventory and cost management to minimize waste? OpenPOS give your business the technology edge it needs to stay ahead of the competitions.
What is OpenPOS ?

OpenPOS, the ideal Point of Sales system is a great solution to maximize your business efficiency. It is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use yet delivers visible benefits. It is a total retail solution which makes it possible to manage your back office operations, customers and products through a single system. Flexible and friendly, OpenPOS is definitely here to increase your profit ability.

OpenPOS Features:

  • Attractive graphical user interface
  • Security control
  • Reporting package
  • Staff and member management
  • Comprehensive back office support
  • Barcode manager
  • Inventory management
  • Foreign currency exchange

Ease of Use

Label Manager is integrated into OpenPOS to ease the job of label and barcode printing. Attractive and friendly designed, OpenPOS allows flexible label design and preview of preprinted labels. Direct database linkage eases the retrieval of products information for printing. A comprehensive back office provides better management for multiple modules. Staffs, products, inventory, functions and security levels can be easily controlled within a few clicks. In OpenPOS system, lists of reports can be founds. Sales reports, inventory reports and audit reports provides up-to-date information which enable business progress to be viewed at a glance. It is easy to use and customizable.